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Welcome to the FAQ page of Mike’s Auto Shack! We understand that purchasing a car can come with a lot of questions, and we’re here to provide you with the answers you need. Whether you’re curious about our auction process, pricing structure, or vehicle pickup arrangements, this page aims to address the most common inquiries we receive.

At Mike’s Auto Shack, we strive to make your car buying experience as smooth and transparent as possible. Take a moment to explore the frequently asked questions below, and if you don’t find the information you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team. We’re dedicated to ensuring that you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision and save big money on your next car purchase.


I can purchase a vehicle for you at substantial savings. I don’t mark up the vehicles I purchase by thousands or more. Instead (in addition to the price I pay for the vehicle at the auction) I only charge a flat fee of $1,500 for my service. If I am unsuccessful in purchasing you a vehicle, it doesn’t cost you a dime! It’s a NO LOSE situation for you.
If the automobile you purchase is within the parameters (years and miles) of the manufacturer’s factory warranty, it is still covered by the remainder of that warranty. If it is above those numbers it is just like buying at any other dealership, the factory warranty has expired. It is “as is”.
A large percentage of our buyers pick up their vehicles the next day. In some cases, it could take a few days, if there is a delay with your financing or at the auction.
I am a licensed, insured and bonded automobile dealer. We will work with most any financial bank or credit union of your choosing. You just need to get pre-approved and be prepared to give us the name of your loan officer with their contact information.
At that point, we’ll get all necessary documents over to them to get your loan completed. If you’re paying cash rather than financing, we accept wire transfers or a cashier’s check made payable to Mike’s Auto Shack.
It depends on what you’re looking for! Pricing varies depending on make, model, year, condition and miles. When we speak with you on Thursday, we will give you the most accurate auction prices for the vehicles you are interested in based on previous sales of like vehicles.
The Auction that we attend is one of the largest auctions in the West. They sell thousands of vehicles every month. We can usually find what you want in the first week! If you are looking for something very specific such as certain trim packages and seat configurations that could take just a bit longer.
You will pay sales tax in the State where you are registering the vehicle along with your State registration fees. We will provide ONE 30-day moving permit.
The Nevada DMV will not allow us to issue more than one 30-day moving permit per vehicle.
It depends on the previous owner of the vehicle. Some vehicles have 2 keys and some have 1 key.

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